About the program

Science Camp Bulgaria ignites the imagination and provides hands-on experience in an international environment of like-minded learners led by top-notch international scientists. Young people develop their presentation skills, practice teamwork in a multicultural environment and build life-long friendships.

The program adheres to the highest international scientific standards in education, led by young scientists involved in cutting-edge scientific branches who will demonstrate the practical application of science and beyond. Science Camp Bulgaria‘s main objective is to encourage and develop interest in science among young people. The activities will engage participants with the practical applications of popular (and not so popular) science and will encourage them to pursue a scientific career.

History of Science Camp

The first international Science Camp was organised in 2013 within the framework of the “Nanotech Science Education” (NTSE) Project, funded by the EU. Young people aged 13–18 from Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Italy and Turkey joined in the “White Lagoon” Resort near Balchik (at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast) to engage in hands-on research activities in the field of nano-sciences and to master team work, communication and self-presentation skills. The one-week program and its 57 participants enjoyed such popularity and success that Center for Creative Training decided to turn it into an annual event, aimed at promoting the study of science to young learners from around the world.

Participants in each Science Camp have the privilege to work with young researchers, university professors and master teachers who provide an outstanding approach to the scientific challenges we all face. An important part of the Science Camp experience is the intercultural exchange and the unique social aspect of the multicultural program.

About Center for Creative Training

A non-profit organization created to make a qualitative change to a more effective education that helps students unfold their potential to be successful professionally as well as socially. Since 2007, we have partnered with Space Camp Turkey which inspired the creation of Science Camp Bulgaria.